Actually, he is Chad’s AND mine

So, I am not a good blogger. A sweet friend told my posts are LONG and they are! 🙂 I am not consistent and I absolutely cannot keep up w/ my amazing husband’s blogging skills. But I figure that I will hopefully keep up with my new little friend’s life when he gets here. My sister does an AMAZING job of sharing Audrey w/ the world here and Nathalie shares her new experiences w/ her little friend here and then my new friend Heather (the Supermom) blogs about her way cool family and their hilarious escapades and sweet moments here

Since I am 85 days away (OMG!! It sounds so far, but really isn’t!) I will probably still be a poor blogger, but when I have some inspiration the whole world will hear about him. BTW, even though the little widget says “Jennifer’s Baby”, he is actually Chad’s too! 🙂
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One thought on “Actually, he is Chad’s AND mine

  1. I am so glad you have a blog. That is great. It was so nice to meet you. I hope you had a great week relaxing! I wish i did not get sick cause I would have loved to have lunch again… next time. H

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