Did they mean to….

change the story, yet add a new point to think on? While I am on the subject of Prince Caspian, I was amazed at the liberties they took w/the script and story-line. My brother-in-law, a Narnia purist and screenwriter himself, will not be pleased with how far they got from the original story, but they did provide some more thought provoking moments whether it was intentional or not. What surprised me was that, Douglas Gresham, Lewis’ stepson, was an advisor on the the film and yet it still was dramatically different than the book.  I have always felt that Prince Caspian is the chronicle most like a bedtime story b/c it has the least amount of action, so I wondered how they were going to make an exciting full-length film from it. My wondering was answered by a barrage of new action scenes, an interesting flirtation and a macho-tension plot b/t Peter and Caspian.

“I’m supposed to be king.” -C
“Oh yeah, well I’m the High King.” – P

The latter two additions I could have done without. 
But what they did do that was interesting to me, was reverse Peter and Susan’s roles from the actual story. In the book, Susan was actually being the “doubting Thomas” and Peter, while unable to see Aslan, wasn’t feeling abandoned and in need of proof so he could lead.  In the movie,  Peter’s confliction about his inability to see Aslan and his admission that he wished he could just have some proof struck a chord with me. Whether the writers meant to or not, they painted an accurate and interesting picture of how many of us react to God’s presence in our lives when things are tough.  We wish He would “show up” and prove to us He is there and cares. If we are really truthful, what we really want is for God to come in and fix-it, to save the day.  Like I said in the post before, I want that. I want Him to come save the day and fix whatever is hurting me or the ones I love. 
But what is faith, if it is not in the things unseen?(Rom. 8:24)  And endurance through difficult situations increases our faith and produces character which in turn produces hope (Rom. 5:3-5). It felt like the writers used Romans 5:1-5 and Romans 8:24-25 as a model for Peter’s struggle in the movie. Who knows? But it did put some situations in perspective for me.

Gifts today:
~ a special  lunch with one of my dearest friends
~ an intense Yoga session
~ getting Baby J’s bed
~ dinner w/my mom and dad
~ special time w/  the Lord
~ my sweet husband

5 thoughts on “Did they mean to….

  1. I found your blog by way of your husbands blog. How befitting that the first blog I see is about Prince caspian. I just finished ranting to one of my friends about how disappointed I was that they strayed so far from the book in this movie. It was cool to read your thoughts on it. God Bless!

  2. Jen – you are such an eloquent thoughtful writer! You remind me of another incredible woman that i’m pretty fond of 🙂 Enjoyed reading your thoughts.

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