It has been awhile..

and I have been trying to blog BUT my little man has been keeping me busy AND blogger keeps erasing my posts (arggggggg!) AND I have a new nephew! He is the cutest, tiniest thing! I can say that b/c my little man has never been tiny! 😉

He took a whole hour and 15 minutes to be born!! Geez!

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3 thoughts on “It has been awhile..

  1. This is little Whit?!? He’s adorable! That’s why Patti hasn’t been posting. 🙂 Congratulations to the entire Smith family; especially Ryan, Patti, and Audrey (who is probably spending lots of time at Grandpa and Grandma’s house right now)!

  2. Two BEAUTIFUL girls with two very handsome little men!! Have fun you two! And try not to be hatin’ even though she sneezes them out. ;~) I can say that because I know how much you love her. Congrats to all!

    What does the Bean think of the little brother?

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