I am thankful for…

~ my adorable son 

~ my amazing husband
~ a sweet family
~ my beautiful home
~ Franklin, TN
~ rosemary turkey, Sister Schubert rolls, apple cake, charlotte rousse, cheese grits
~ all my friends who make life so fun
~ Football!!
~ everyone who serves our country w/ such amazing courage and sacrifice
~ grace and mercy and unconditional love from
 my Lord and Father

Things I wish I could do…

This is not a “Bucket List”, but things I daydream about that will probably never happen. They are pleasant thoughts, though.

~play the guitar
~paint beautiful pictures with words as well as with paints
~buy my mother-in-law a house and a reliable car
~adopt a child from Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe
~be in a ballet
~act on stage
~go to a ball
~design beautiful clothes for petite women
~go to Fashion Week in NYC or Paris or Milan
~write a musical 
~sleep in a castle
~write a novel
~live in Tuscany for a little while
~harvest grapes at a Tuscan winery
~live in County Kerry, Ireland for a little while
~play the violin
~own a bookstore in a place like downtown Franklin or Carmel, CA
~have Tim Gunn give me a makeover and be able to buy the clothes he suggests

I bet you’d never guess…

that I am a complete Shakespeare nut. Funny, huh? Probably not what you would think I would be into, but I really love his works. I was top in all my Shakespeare classes in college. Doesn’t really fit with the Ole Miss, southern sorority girl image, does it? 🙂 

So, while I am trying out new things with the blog, Chad decided to get rid of his “*Blogstar” moniker, so I have to have a new name too! I am just trying this one out to see how I like it. It is a quote from the first Shakespeare play I wrote a paper on and one of my favorites. Anybody want to take a guess as to which one?