Things I wish I could do…

This is not a “Bucket List”, but things I daydream about that will probably never happen. They are pleasant thoughts, though.

~play the guitar
~paint beautiful pictures with words as well as with paints
~buy my mother-in-law a house and a reliable car
~adopt a child from Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe
~be in a ballet
~act on stage
~go to a ball
~design beautiful clothes for petite women
~go to Fashion Week in NYC or Paris or Milan
~write a musical 
~sleep in a castle
~write a novel
~live in Tuscany for a little while
~harvest grapes at a Tuscan winery
~live in County Kerry, Ireland for a little while
~play the violin
~own a bookstore in a place like downtown Franklin or Carmel, CA
~have Tim Gunn give me a makeover and be able to buy the clothes he suggests

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One thought on “Things I wish I could do…

  1. Africa, Asia AND Eastern Europe?! Wow!! What a beautiful family that would be! You would definitely need some vitamins. :~) Tuscany, winery, Ireland, castle, book store, ball…with you on all of those. Much as I would enjoy fashion week, I think I would be horribly intimidated. You, on the other hand, would look right at home. Thinking I should make one of these lists.

    Love the new title. Very poetic. I can see I am not up on my Shakespeare. I know that Illyria is the area around Troy. That’s about as far as I can get. Resisting the urge to Google it and find out. Interested to see if anyone else gets it.

    Love you.

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