Do I give in and…

buy our first pre-lit, FAKE Christmas tree? I think we are the last members of our family to still get a real tree every year. Chad thinks we should go fake and lots of people have said that they love the no hassle with theirs, but I am having the hardest time accepting that I might never have that lovely smell in my home for the next 10-15 years. My son will grow up without knowing the joys of picking out the perfect tree, the smell of pine needles in the living room while he opens presents or even watching Daddy put lights on the tree.

I know all the perks and believe me, I would not miss watering the tree to keep it fresh and vacuuming up stray needles, but I think those things outweigh the loss of memories.
So, fake or no? I’m just not convinced I can bring myself to do it.

This is our sweet little tree from last year.


4 thoughts on “Do I give in and…

  1. I say stick with the real tree! Its one of my favorite Christmas traditions…I love going to pick out the perfect tree and having the smell in my house.

    Excited you have a blog now:)

  2. We had a fake tree for the last 4 or 5 years… now with the babies— you have to get a REAL tree. The joy of going to pick out a tree with the family, nothing like it!

    Chad don’t kill me.


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