What I remember about Christmas…

is not the presents or Santa mornings, although those were always so magical as a child. What I remember is the glow my grandparent’s living room had from the lights on the Christmas tree when all the other lights were off, and the smell of the wood burning in the wood stove, and the little elves that peeked out of my grandmother’s Norfolk pine, and the food. Oh the food! I remember sleeping in one of the huge beds in my aunt’s old bedrooms in my footie-pjs and sneaking down the hardwood floored halls to see if Santa had come, and how the living room was glowing at the end of the hall. And music-Mostly the traditional carols and old English songs. And the movies-Rudolph and Charlie Brown, White Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life and my all-time favorite, A Christmas Carol. Something about that story gives me faith in people and reminds me of my own need to see other’s needs. I try to read the book every year. I want to read it to Elijah when he is older and I hope he loves it too.

Now, we do things a little differently, but I try to keep the magic. We listen to Christmas music every day and turn the lights on the tree on every chance we get. We go to Opryland Hotel and see the lights. We make Cinnamon coffee every morning. And yes, we watch A Christmas Story all day that it is on :). Classic. As Elijah gets older we will start traditions that he will hopefully look forward to every year. I have big plans for simple things. But what I hope he remembers most is the magic and special feel of the season. I know it is cliche, but it really isn’t about stuff. It is so much more than that. So, so much more.

Merry Christmas!!!


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