The day that true love died…

Jesus, they say You walked on water once
When You lived as all men do
Please teach me how to walk the way You did
Because I want to want to walk with You

Jesus, they say You taught a lame man how to dance
When he had never stood without a crutch
Here I am Lord – holding out my withered hands
I’m just waiting be touched

Jesus – write me into Your story
Whisper it to me
And let me know I’m yours

Jesus, they say You spoke and calmed an angry wave
That was tossed across a stormy sea
Please teach me how to listen, how to obey
Cause there’s a storm inside of me

Jesus, they drove the cold nails through Your tired hands
And rolled a stone to seal Your grave
Feels like the devil’s rolled a stone onto my heart
Can You roll that stone away?

RIch Mullins, Mitch McVicker, Dana Waddel

His followers, in shock and grief, wondered what to do next.
They were alone and afraid.
What happened to everything they had come to believe?
Why did He leave them? Where do they go from here?
They didn’t know that Sunday was coming. They didn’t have the hope that we do.
They only saw the Death, with no idea of the coming Resurrection.
In the rain and thunder and quaking, they huddled in abandonment.
The day that true love died.


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