Elijah can…

do lots of things!!
~crawl… very fast
~throw his toys really far, much to Rufus’s dismay
~stand up in his crib
~jabber constantly, dada, nana, mama, baba, ha, yaya
~take a big boy bath in the tub
~go to a MLB baseball game and last the whole 9 innings w/ a rain delay
~eat a LOT 🙂
~click his tongue
~wave bye-bye
~charm the pants off every lady at the grocery store
~fake cry to get attention or food 😉
~clap, although this is also how he signs “more”
~give big, wet, sloppy kisses 🙂
~turn the volume up on his CD player
~change his CD player to radio and change stations
~flip though pics on Chad’s iphone

and he has 8 teeth!!! I just cannot believe he is 10 months old!!
sweet smile