Elijah can…

do lots of things!!
~crawl… very fast
~throw his toys really far, much to Rufus’s dismay
~stand up in his crib
~jabber constantly, dada, nana, mama, baba, ha, yaya
~take a big boy bath in the tub
~go to a MLB baseball game and last the whole 9 innings w/ a rain delay
~eat a LOT 🙂
~click his tongue
~wave bye-bye
~charm the pants off every lady at the grocery store
~fake cry to get attention or food 😉
~clap, although this is also how he signs “more”
~give big, wet, sloppy kisses 🙂
~turn the volume up on his CD player
~change his CD player to radio and change stations
~flip though pics on Chad’s iphone

and he has 8 teeth!!! I just cannot believe he is 10 months old!!
sweet smile


4 thoughts on “Elijah can…

  1. Elijah is too beautiful for words!! a person could drown in his baby blue eyes. he’s such a happy boy with a million dollar smile. you have truly been blessed with this little angel. i’m enjoying watching him grow up and know that the two of you are raising him to love the Lord and i feel like he will grow into a fine young man. i just wish he could slow down, because he growing up way too fast. give him a hug from me.

  2. Wow. Elijah has my little man beat in the teeth and hair department. Jett has a bald head and only 4 teeth, but he’s getting pretty good at using the 4 he has. Isn’t this a fun age? Being a mommy is the best!

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