Peace of mind is over…

because he has decided to start walking!! Wahhhh!


5 thoughts on “Peace of mind is over…

  1. Ahhhh… Look at your big boy! How far he came in just 2 or 3 days! I am excited for him. Life is about to become very exciting. 🙂

    Love his perseverance, by the way. That will serve him well in all his endeavors. Give him a big hug from his auntie Shelia.

  2. You are so right Jen!! Life as you knew it is gone, but more joy then you ever imagined is in store for you & Chad. Elijah will change & grow each day, and will take you along for the ride. Enjoy your precious little man.+

  3. A-MA-ZING!! I miss you guys so much and am DEVASTATED that I’m not there to witness this in person! He’s a tenacious little dude! Tenacious E – Ha! I love the drunken staggering – precious!

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