Lots happening…

since Elijah started walking. Let’s see, his cousin turned 1, his appetite has totally changed :(, he has had his 1st trip to the beach and oh yeah, we are having a new baby! Um yeah. End of April and Elijah will almost be 21 months. We are excited b/c we wanted our kids to be close in age. Let the chaos begin! 🙂 It is fun though b/c our family has had a new baby every Christmas for the last 4 years and next year will be no exception! 🙂

As far as our trip to the beach, my sweet parents took us so we could visit my Nanny on the Mississippi coast and have a little vacation. My uncle gave us their condo in Perdido Key, FL for the week and we had so much fun! Elijah absolutely LOVED the beach! He loved the sand, the waves, the seagulls. He loved the sand so much he kept throwing it on his head, which made for some fun showers after. 🙂 And of course there are about to be a few pictures to follow 😉


Discovering sand


A boy and his shovel


He filled this bowl by hand over and over and loved dumping it out!


First feel of the water. He kept sticking his tummy way out, I guess to balance, but it was hilarious!!


gettin ready for the next wave 🙂


Elijah and Mama


He loved every minute of it!


This face says it all!


All tuckered out, he fell asleep eating his pasta! Poor thing 🙂