This baby…

needs to get here! I have been waiting and waiting! I usually don’t have too much of an issue waiting, but the doctors practically promised me he would be here by now and I have tried all the tried and true old wives’ tales and nothing has worked!! What makes it really hard is that I have done all the “lasts”; last trip to the grocery (3 times now), last big house cleaning (that also needs some touching up), last community group at our house, last load of laundry (6 loads ago), last day of work. I have put off planting new flowers, which I desperately want to do. I put off doing the neighborhood garage sale. I have put off committing to major plans. I got my toes done and I am READY!!! Xavier, evidently is not. So what am I doing w/ my time? Chasing Elijah, spending time w/ friends and family and taking it easy. All things that I covet and crave. So really I have NO reason to complain 🙂 I just want to meet my little guy. I want to hold him and smell his head and kiss his sweet cheeks. I think about how much we will be at home for awhile, just trying to adjust to life and it makes me think about being home w/ Elijah when he was first born. I remember sweet mornings feeding him and watching Sunrise Earth on TV. I remember watching him for hours it seemed like. I remember reading him The Hobbit out loud b/c it was what I was reading at the time and he seemed interested. 😉 I know I won’t have the same moments w/ Baby Xa b/c his brother will need to eat and play and want Mama to read books (more age appropriate than The Hobbit), but I’m ready to have those moments I will get with him. And so I wait.


4 thoughts on “This baby…

  1. Jennifer! This is twig and I somehow came across your name on facebook and the link to your blog, which I thoroughly enjoy! I’m glad you are doing so well and congrats on the baby!

  2. I remember that feeling SO well! Giselle was a week late and every day was agony waiting to meet her. I hope these last days and moments are blessed and I’ll be praying he’ll get good and ready VERY soon! Love you!

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