Xavier Furio Jarnagin
8lbs, 20in. Born 6:35AM April 26, 2010

He is so sweet! Big Brother, Elijah loves to give him kisses.

He loves to sleep and hates having his diaper changed 🙂
The story behind his name comes from my Italian heritage. My grandfather was an immigrant and his last name was Furio. Due to the death of his parents when he was very young, he was adopted by family who, because of the difficult pronunciation of their own family name, were dubbed “Palermo” on Ellis Island because that is where they had immigrated from. Palermo is my maiden name. I really wanted one of my children to share in my family’s legacy name-wise, so here is my little bambino!

Xavier and Mama
Xavier and Dada
Proud Big Brother

Thanks to everyone who has checked on us and brought us food so far, we have felt so loved! More pictures and details to follow!