4 months already??? AND Turning 2!

Four months have flown by!! I had a completely different post started last month and had to change it! Who knew 2 kids meant less time? 😉 For the lucky few who actually read my blog here is our family update.


~growing like a weed! almost 12lbs. and 23 in.

~sleeping like a champ! Woo hoo!

~has the sweetest smiles

~might be teething and is trying to roll over!

~went to his 1st baseball game! Not a Reds game like big brother but he’ll never know the difference!

At the game w/ our Cassidy lovies!

Such sweet smiles!

Some floor time with big brother 🙂


Where do I start?

~He’s 2!!!! I really can’t believe it!

~He is talking our ears off! Says Thank you, You’re welcome, Bless you, Hold you (meaning “hold me”) Cheers!, Down please, and tons more!!!

~loves loves loves to sing! He is on pitch, has amazing rhythm, and can change octave. Wonder where he gets it?

~also LOVES to dance! His favorite bands/artists to dance to are Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Foo Fighters and anything zydeco.

~still being a picky eater 😦 I never know what foods he will/won’t eat, except fruit. He will always eat fruit!

~knows all of his colors, letters (lower and upper case), and numbers

~is beginning to put his foot down when he has an opinion. Oh boy!


~can work an Iphone better than me

~has learned how to get naked as a jaybird! Yikes!

~loves his little “bruber”, sometimes a little too hard, but its very sweet!

Mama and Elijah at the game

Watching baseball with Dada

Found him like this one morning, just dancing around!

Birthday Breakfast - telling me to move b/c I'm blocking Elmo

*More b-day stuff as soon as get the rest of the pictures*