How did you grow so big overnight?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, just like that, Elijah is 3!!!

I have watched him shoot up. I have heard him process and pretend more. I have seen the wheels turning in his head whilst he is figuring something out, plotting new adventures and figuring out his place in this wide wide world. He stalls at bedtime, connives at mealtimes, cajoles at bathtime. But mainly, he continues to steal my heart daily.

Someone asked me once how long I would call him “Baby ‘lijah”, especially once his brother got here. Just last week during bedtime prayer time I noticed I had stopped saying, “Thank you, Lord for my Baby ‘Lijah” and was saying, “Thank you for my sweet Elijah.” Just like that, he is a baby no longer. Not sure I can handle it, but I can revel in his amazing little self!

Happy birthday, my precious precious son!!