Christmas 2010!!

Since Elijah has decided that we get up at 6:30AM every morning, I should now have extra time to blog ;). We will see..

Christmas has come and gone, but it was wonderful! Elijah was really into the Christmas lights. Every time we got in the car it was, “Lights. Where are you lights? Oh! Mama! Lights pretty!” We got the biggest tree we have ever had and it was gorgeous! I did get a little worried b/c Elijah liked to take the ornaments off, but it survived 😉

I really love our house at Christmas. It is so fun decorating especially now that Elijah is getting more involved.

Of course it was Xa’s 1st Christmas!! He won’t remember much, but he was surrounded by love. We spent Christmas Eve at home and Christmas Day at Marmee and Papa’s.

He wasn’t a huge fan of his hat 😉 but it was past his bedtime.

Last year, my sister Patti made me this AMAZING Advent calendar and this year Elijah got to help add the numbers every day. He LOVED it! Every morning we would go downstairs, turn on the Christmas tree and then, “Mama, do numbers!”

This is Elijah’s new castle! It was his big present that turned out to be much bigger than I had thought! He absolutely LOVES it! It was a magical morning! 🙂

I love this one! My Mamaw got to hold Xavier all Christmas morning at my parents. He loved being held the whole time and she loved having him all to herself 😉 I am so blessed to have my grandmother in our life! The next day, Elijah got some special time w/ his Mamaw that included special treats..special red velvet treats! 😉

We didn’t miss our family tradition of going to the Opryland Hotel to see the beautiful lights and decorations. Elijah, of course, was transfixed and we went w/ dear friends who are moving, so it was a sweet, special evening.

So it was a merry Christmas for us! Hope yours was too!


Thing 1 & Thing 2, Fleeting Fall & 6 months…

Another four months have passed and my favorite season is quickly fading like the leaves and I have no more time on my hands than I did four months ago.:)  But I am going to give a quick update.


~SUPER busy!! He is 2 after all 😉

~talking like a little person now, almost always in complete sentences

~still LOVES music. He sings, dances, and makes up his own songs.

~still won’t touch a vegetable to save his life! We have to be sneaky so he gets them. 😉

~is learning stall tactics when it comes to going to bed – “I’m hungry”, “Tubby time?”, “Read the book!”

~LOVES to pass out “huggles”. This I don’t mind at all!

~LOVES playing w/ his cousins, especially Whitaker! They are Thing 1 and Thing 2, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, Woody and Buzz 🙂 They can get into more mischief together, they talk just alike and tussle like brothers. They even have their own way of communicating w/ each other, which can lead to more mischief 😉

At Gentry Farm

~potty training is next! YIKES!!!


~growing too fast!

~He is such a people baby! He really wants to be held, or talked to, or played w/ ALL the time!

~LOVES to jump!

~cracks up at his big brother, which is very sweet 🙂 Elijah can get him laughing so hard he can’t breathe!

~Sleeping so good! Taking 2 naps and going to bed at the same time pretty regularly. That is more an accomplishment for me than him! 😉

~can roll over but sometimes forgets how to roll back

~light up when Chad or I talk to him. I mean super bright!

Up next…Thanksgiving!!!

4 months already??? AND Turning 2!

Four months have flown by!! I had a completely different post started last month and had to change it! Who knew 2 kids meant less time? 😉 For the lucky few who actually read my blog here is our family update.


~growing like a weed! almost 12lbs. and 23 in.

~sleeping like a champ! Woo hoo!

~has the sweetest smiles

~might be teething and is trying to roll over!

~went to his 1st baseball game! Not a Reds game like big brother but he’ll never know the difference!

At the game w/ our Cassidy lovies!

Such sweet smiles!

Some floor time with big brother 🙂


Where do I start?

~He’s 2!!!! I really can’t believe it!

~He is talking our ears off! Says Thank you, You’re welcome, Bless you, Hold you (meaning “hold me”) Cheers!, Down please, and tons more!!!

~loves loves loves to sing! He is on pitch, has amazing rhythm, and can change octave. Wonder where he gets it?

~also LOVES to dance! His favorite bands/artists to dance to are Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Foo Fighters and anything zydeco.

~still being a picky eater 😦 I never know what foods he will/won’t eat, except fruit. He will always eat fruit!

~knows all of his colors, letters (lower and upper case), and numbers

~is beginning to put his foot down when he has an opinion. Oh boy!


~can work an Iphone better than me

~has learned how to get naked as a jaybird! Yikes!

~loves his little “bruber”, sometimes a little too hard, but its very sweet!

Mama and Elijah at the game

Watching baseball with Dada

Found him like this one morning, just dancing around!

Birthday Breakfast - telling me to move b/c I'm blocking Elmo

*More b-day stuff as soon as get the rest of the pictures*


Xavier Furio Jarnagin
8lbs, 20in. Born 6:35AM April 26, 2010

He is so sweet! Big Brother, Elijah loves to give him kisses.

He loves to sleep and hates having his diaper changed 🙂
The story behind his name comes from my Italian heritage. My grandfather was an immigrant and his last name was Furio. Due to the death of his parents when he was very young, he was adopted by family who, because of the difficult pronunciation of their own family name, were dubbed “Palermo” on Ellis Island because that is where they had immigrated from. Palermo is my maiden name. I really wanted one of my children to share in my family’s legacy name-wise, so here is my little bambino!

Xavier and Mama
Xavier and Dada
Proud Big Brother

Thanks to everyone who has checked on us and brought us food so far, we have felt so loved! More pictures and details to follow!

This baby…

needs to get here! I have been waiting and waiting! I usually don’t have too much of an issue waiting, but the doctors practically promised me he would be here by now and I have tried all the tried and true old wives’ tales and nothing has worked!! What makes it really hard is that I have done all the “lasts”; last trip to the grocery (3 times now), last big house cleaning (that also needs some touching up), last community group at our house, last load of laundry (6 loads ago), last day of work. I have put off planting new flowers, which I desperately want to do. I put off doing the neighborhood garage sale. I have put off committing to major plans. I got my toes done and I am READY!!! Xavier, evidently is not. So what am I doing w/ my time? Chasing Elijah, spending time w/ friends and family and taking it easy. All things that I covet and crave. So really I have NO reason to complain 🙂 I just want to meet my little guy. I want to hold him and smell his head and kiss his sweet cheeks. I think about how much we will be at home for awhile, just trying to adjust to life and it makes me think about being home w/ Elijah when he was first born. I remember sweet mornings feeding him and watching Sunrise Earth on TV. I remember watching him for hours it seemed like. I remember reading him The Hobbit out loud b/c it was what I was reading at the time and he seemed interested. 😉 I know I won’t have the same moments w/ Baby Xa b/c his brother will need to eat and play and want Mama to read books (more age appropriate than The Hobbit), but I’m ready to have those moments I will get with him. And so I wait.

Remember and Hope…

When I taught school and this day came around, it was always difficult for me to teach. I did not experience first hand any of the atrocities of segregation, though my parents and grandparents did. I lived in rural Mississippi as a child, but did not understand color difference. The song I sang every day, “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, said that Jesus loves us all, red and yellow, black and white, so I did too. It didn’t occur to me that others didn’t, hadn’t or wouldn’t. I never thought to ask my parents or grandparents. Getting older, I realized that there were differences. 99% of my church was white, but that wasn’t true at school or in my neighborhood. It still didn’t really dawn on me, that these issues were still around until I went to college where racial tensions came to head on Oct. 1, 1962 with the admission of James Meredith to Ole Miss, and still simmer under the magnolias there from time to time. So when it came to teaching my students about Martin Luther King, Jr. and what he did and what he stood for, I always felt inadequate. I would tell them the facts and read them the speech, and every time I would cry. I could not explain why I couldn’t make it through this historical text without being overcome and I always worried it would confuse my students, my emotions. After all, I had never been hurt by this horrible life of racism and segregation. I had never felt any hint of pain or loss or humiliation.
And then today I got it. I am sad and grieving because it happened at all. This dark mark on our history made by people created in God’s image against fellow image bearers. The wrongness is heartbreaking and moves me to tears every time. The damages we have done to our Creator’s work through our sin continue to put dark marks on us all. My pastor spoke of Godly sorrow vs. worldly sorrow on Sunday. Worldly sorrow is regret b/c of negative consequences. Godly sorrow is regret that we have hurt God and others.
I think Dr. King’s speech moves me to tears because also some things have not yet come to pass. Things are definitely better than in his day and he and the people who stood with him, went about it in the right way- peacefully. But some things he spoke of have not happened yet and will not happen until Jesus, our Savior, returns to completely heal this broken world. But I look forward to that day and pray I can help, in some small way. Hope is what we have.

My friend, Heidi's beautiful family. What our world SHOULD look like, and with hope, one day will.

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Christmas happenings…

Here are all our Christmas happenings so far.
Elijah and Chad picked out a beautiful Frasier Fir tree and we all had so much fun decorating it! Chad actually helped this year 😉
Elijah even did a little dance 🙂 Click on the link below.

A Christmas Jig from Chad Jarnagin on Vimeo.

We took our annual family trip out to the Opryland Hotel to see the lights. It gets more and more fun each year because the kids are so excited to see all the lights and decorations.

He loves decorations and is so careful w/ them!

Our sweet girls!

And then we had our Palermo Christmas Feast and it was wild and crazy and so yummy!

The Pope himself blessed our meal 🙂

He loves his Marmee and Papa!

We have been to lots of parties and concerts and Christmas hasn’t even happened yet!

Elijah is running all over the house and talking like crazy! He can say, “Bye-bye, Dada”, “nana”, “monkey”, “touchdown”(w/ the hand motions), “stinky”, “open”, “wow” and “night-night”. He will repeat things you say too, so be careful! 😉

We found out that Baby J 2 is a little BOY!! We have a first name, but we are still working on his middle name. We’ll keep you posted! He is movin’ and shakin’ and growing like crazy!

More updates soon! Merry Christmas!

Lots happening…

since Elijah started walking. Let’s see, his cousin turned 1, his appetite has totally changed :(, he has had his 1st trip to the beach and oh yeah, we are having a new baby! Um yeah. End of April and Elijah will almost be 21 months. We are excited b/c we wanted our kids to be close in age. Let the chaos begin! 🙂 It is fun though b/c our family has had a new baby every Christmas for the last 4 years and next year will be no exception! 🙂

As far as our trip to the beach, my sweet parents took us so we could visit my Nanny on the Mississippi coast and have a little vacation. My uncle gave us their condo in Perdido Key, FL for the week and we had so much fun! Elijah absolutely LOVED the beach! He loved the sand, the waves, the seagulls. He loved the sand so much he kept throwing it on his head, which made for some fun showers after. 🙂 And of course there are about to be a few pictures to follow 😉


Discovering sand


A boy and his shovel


He filled this bowl by hand over and over and loved dumping it out!


First feel of the water. He kept sticking his tummy way out, I guess to balance, but it was hilarious!!


gettin ready for the next wave 🙂


Elijah and Mama


He loved every minute of it!


This face says it all!


All tuckered out, he fell asleep eating his pasta! Poor thing 🙂