Today I grieve

Today I grieve.

As I make breakfast for my little ones and myself, I grieve.

As I watch my boys play with their cousins, laughing and teasing and chasing, I grieve.

As I clean my house so I can welcome many friends after a long break, I grieve.

I grieve for two wives. One whose best friend and love is gone too soon, just as life was starting for them. One whose best friend is gone after years of love and friendship. One lost to a disease, one lost to a decision. Neither easy to take. Both tragic and heartbreaking.

I grieve for four children. One little boy who doesn’t understand why he can’t go to heaven with his daddy now. One daughter about to wed without her beloved father to walk her down the aisle. One daughter about to bring her first joy of life into the world, wondering if the child’s grandfather will be a part. One son coming to grips with his mother slipping away as his first daughter will be born soon. Two lost to a disease. Two lost to a decision.

I grieve for friendships. Friendships built on love, respect and faith, torn down and carelessly thrown away. Admiration tarnished. Faithfulness abandoned. Lost to a decision.

I grieve for sin. Sin that is the cause of all grief because it separates us from our Maker and Father. Sin, a result of a decision.

But I know that joy will come. It will come because of Who has defeated sin. Because of Who loves us, enough to die for us. His joy will overcome disease, defiance, decisions. But today I grieve for all that is lost.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.


Christmas 2010!!

Since Elijah has decided that we get up at 6:30AM every morning, I should now have extra time to blog ;). We will see..

Christmas has come and gone, but it was wonderful! Elijah was really into the Christmas lights. Every time we got in the car it was, “Lights. Where are you lights? Oh! Mama! Lights pretty!” We got the biggest tree we have ever had and it was gorgeous! I did get a little worried b/c Elijah liked to take the ornaments off, but it survived 😉

I really love our house at Christmas. It is so fun decorating especially now that Elijah is getting more involved.

Of course it was Xa’s 1st Christmas!! He won’t remember much, but he was surrounded by love. We spent Christmas Eve at home and Christmas Day at Marmee and Papa’s.

He wasn’t a huge fan of his hat 😉 but it was past his bedtime.

Last year, my sister Patti made me this AMAZING Advent calendar and this year Elijah got to help add the numbers every day. He LOVED it! Every morning we would go downstairs, turn on the Christmas tree and then, “Mama, do numbers!”

This is Elijah’s new castle! It was his big present that turned out to be much bigger than I had thought! He absolutely LOVES it! It was a magical morning! 🙂

I love this one! My Mamaw got to hold Xavier all Christmas morning at my parents. He loved being held the whole time and she loved having him all to herself 😉 I am so blessed to have my grandmother in our life! The next day, Elijah got some special time w/ his Mamaw that included special treats..special red velvet treats! 😉

We didn’t miss our family tradition of going to the Opryland Hotel to see the beautiful lights and decorations. Elijah, of course, was transfixed and we went w/ dear friends who are moving, so it was a sweet, special evening.

So it was a merry Christmas for us! Hope yours was too!

The Party…

was a blast! Many of Elijah’s closest friends came to help celebrate his 1st birthday. We picnic’d, swam and watched as Elijah turned into a little blue icing Smurf. 🙂

He wasn't sure about it at first.

He wasn't sure about it at first.

But once he tasted it...

But once he tasted it...

that cake didn't have a prayer!

that cake didn't have a prayer!

My little Smurf! Can you tell he enjoyed it?

My little Smurf! Can you tell he enjoyed it?


One party down, one more to go!!

Such a blessing…

to have such talented friends! I have wanted to have Elijah painted and fortunately our sweet friend Josh Cassidy, who is this incredibly talented artist, has found a new medium – the iPhone 🙂 So here is what he does:
It is truly AMAZING! Moms and Dads, $50 will get this done for you too and it is something I will treasure!!