Today I grieve

Today I grieve.

As I make breakfast for my little ones and myself, I grieve.

As I watch my boys play with their cousins, laughing and teasing and chasing, I grieve.

As I clean my house so I can welcome many friends after a long break, I grieve.

I grieve for two wives. One whose best friend and love is gone too soon, just as life was starting for them. One whose best friend is gone after years of love and friendship. One lost to a disease, one lost to a decision. Neither easy to take. Both tragic and heartbreaking.

I grieve for four children. One little boy who doesn’t understand why he can’t go to heaven with his daddy now. One daughter about to wed without her beloved father to walk her down the aisle. One daughter about to bring her first joy of life into the world, wondering if the child’s grandfather will be a part. One son coming to grips with his mother slipping away as his first daughter will be born soon. Two lost to a disease. Two lost to a decision.

I grieve for friendships. Friendships built on love, respect and faith, torn down and carelessly thrown away. Admiration tarnished. Faithfulness abandoned. Lost to a decision.

I grieve for sin. Sin that is the cause of all grief because it separates us from our Maker and Father. Sin, a result of a decision.

But I know that joy will come. It will come because of Who has defeated sin. Because of Who loves us, enough to die for us. His joy will overcome disease, defiance, decisions. But today I grieve for all that is lost.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.


In case you didn’t know….

I have an amazing husband.  I am so blessed by the man that Chad is.  Not only is he super hot ;), he teaches me new things every day. It has been a tough couple of weeks for him, but he has stayed faithful. I need to brag on him right now, because he has shown amazing patience and strength AND I want everyone to know how wonderful he is! And the mother lion is coming out in me – I get super mad when someone messes w/ my man, because he is so wonderful, especially when it is for NO GOOD REASON!! If I am like this about my husband, what in the world is going to happen when my son comes along???  So I am going to be a little cheesy and write and ode to my husband. 🙂

My Chad is:

amazingly talented
extremely creative
loyal – even when people don’t deserve it!
He waits on the Lord
He has a heart to serve by whatever means he can
He is really a little boy at heart – especially when it comes to chocolate chip cookies and milk and baseball
He is a good man
He is a peacemaker
He is the love of my life!