3 men in a tub…

Rub a dub dub, 3 men in a tub

The Butcher: That doesn’t sound great at first, but hear me out. This man started it all. He has been the provider. Provider for food and physical needs, provider of shelter, provider of guidance but overall a provider of legacy. By being an amazing daddy to my mama. By being a godly example to my daddy. By being the ideal grandaddy to me. This man is adored by his family, young and old alike. He has set all our feet on a path of love, peace and grace.

The Baker: This man continues the legacy. He took what was given to him and kneaded it, flattened it, rolled it over and over and cut out an amazing heart. A warm and tender heart who cannot stand to see others in pain or need. A giving heart who takes such great care of his family. A safe heart because we know he is bringing us before the Lord in prayer every day. A child-like heart, who believes every grandchild deserves ice-cream and cake no matter how old or young they are.

The Candlestick Maker: This one, oh this one. This one brought music in my life and light to my being. A man I could walk in the Lord with. A man whose heart leads me into the throne room on God. By the world’s standards, he has every excuse to be a distant father. Or not even a father at all. But he has always broken the cycle, the trend. He is a sweet and gentle and loving father. He plays guitar for his children to dance to and sings silly songs and puts castle tents together. Everything he missed as a child, he pours into our boys. He is creating the instruments that will hold their light high one day. He is an amazing Dada.

Happy Father’s Day!! 2011


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